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Mixfloor provides a huge range of selection to choose from the perfect accessories to create the right finishing. Same Design, same colors, mix or match the designs you desire. The Quality of accessories is high and water – resistant to enjoy for years worries free.


Best Floors are Wooden


Stylish Ceramic Tiles


Wall to Wall Carpeting



With more than ³² years of extensive research and development efforts and a solid Direct Manufacturer Warranty , the question is really “why not” ? MIXFloors is also affordable highly durable, versatile and beautiful. The flooring installs  simply and quickly with no glue and can be maintained just as easily for years of warranted enjoyment .Time-saving , cost reducing design-enhancing… Why not MIX FLOOR

Superior Water Resistant Quality
The hardwood material used makes it the MOST water-resistant laminate flooring you can find in the market. In fact, the factories of our partners have been recognized as the world’s exporter of superior water resistant laminate flooring.
More Durable & More Impact Resistant
Mix Floors products are manufactured from hardwood material – making it stronger, more durable and longer lasting.
Extensively-used in many projects worldwide
Our flooring has been well – received by reputable developers and builders around the world. This is proof of a global quality standard that will give you peace of mind , and ONLY a manufacturer can offer you this.
Solid Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty
With years of solid foundation deeply rooted in International markets , MIX Floors has long been regarded as the market leader in providing the best laminate flooring and thus,  we are able to offer you a SOLID Direct Manufacturer Warranty No one in the market DARES even come close!



We at MIX Floors make sure the products we provide are made of raw in the core come from hardwood forests which are under strict forest management control or what we call ‘plantation’forest. This eliminates the need to extract wood from natural forests , thus making MF a natural product that is also environmentally friendly. The design layer is reproduced from real timber using sophisticated technology. Wood decors are reproduced from original timber, to give you that true-to-life wood look and feel without having to exploit our natural forests.


Here at Mix Floors we are completely confident that the products we provide have sealed surface that does not allow the breeding of dust mites or micro-organisms, unlike other floor covering material such as carpet. This creates a healthier environment for our little ones. All these superb qualities make MIX Floors the best option available today when it comes to selecting a floor covering material, whether it is for your home sweet home or for your business premise or office. MIX Floors’ inspiring ideas for an inspired lifestyle.


Benefits of

Wider Range of Selection

Whatever was the wooden design you’ve always dreams of, Mix Floor provides you the choices that suits every room in your houses.

Stands up to Wear and Tear

The protective overlaying layer has high resistance against wear, tear and scratches. Mix Floor has the recent technologies to protect the flooring and make it more durable.


Another outstanding feature of Mix Floors, due to the antistatic feature, you wouldn’t electric charges.

Easy Installation

You can do it yourself, you can call one of our installing agents to help you, or you can call anyone to install it for you.

Perfect Finishing

Regardless of the kind of finishing you prefer. Mixfloor can and will provide you with a wide range of designs, colors and materials to choose from. Eventually a perfect finishing is equally important to perfect flooring.

Easy, Quick Maintenance

Mixfloor is easy to maintenance against all corners, which gives you longer time to enjoy.

Design pattern

It looks completely rustic and natural matching our source of inspiration. That’s simply our design amazingly put together for you to feel it.

High Quality Products

You can trust Mix Floors. It provides you with the highest quality which are carefully designed up to international quality standards and pass through quality tests to match all industry standards.

Sound Absorption

Specially designed, Mix Floor is the perfect solution to provide you with sound off and balanced flooring.

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