Welcome to the world of MF flooring. We are a Saudi company associating with overseas factories in Europe & Asia to produce OEM prime goods for us as per our standards and also we are wholesale, Agent for reputable world brand.
From designing, customization, setting standard & OEM production of good ,Our ultimate goal to provide you : Quality & Price.
We have a collection of European, American & Asian laminate flooring ,we usually set the standards of as you can see in the menu .
We are an energetic company with wide market for natural wood flooring, laminate flooring , moulding & accessories we produce them according to our OEM standard in Germany , Malaysia & China .

  • The Urban life was inspired by the needs to complement modern design philosophies. The influences of form following function can be observed in much of the modern architectural design of today.
  • The Urban collection can easily be incorporated into any modern trend you fancy. From a Post-Modernist interior to a super sleek minimalist ambience, you are sure to find a flooring design that will best complement your interior design ideas.
  • You’d find the host of modern inspired textures and colors that are aligned with modern design philosophies.
  • The possibilities you can achieve from our products to get the urban sensation are endless. It can be that modern home setting you are creating or that sophisticated workplace.
  • You are designing, but no matter what it is you can’t go wrong with the clean, sleek designs from MIX Floors.
  • We live in a fast pace society. Most of the time, our life flashes by like a blur. It is time to reflect upon our lifestyle and reacquaint ourselves once again with nature and enjoy the simple things in life.
  • At MIX Floors we provide what evokes a tranquil, serene and laid-back experience. This helps to stimulate and promote a sense of calm to the weary mind.
  • Our options at MIX Floors are perfect as they embody a rugged, natural trait. The stunning combination of natural texture and colors of the flooring provided by a wide range from MIX Floors is perfect to create and simulate a resort living experience
  • When a unique blend of cultural, timeless and irreplaceable vibes, classic elegance is what you are looking for. In today’s modern classic interiors, the emphasis is on the use of materials and craftsmanship that defines a sense of elegance on its own.
  • MIX Floors offer you wide range of collection that will enable you to enhance the characteristics of your desired interior settings yet building a solid foundation for your home.
  • The timeless elegance of our MIX Floors classic designs will blend in well with the choice of your furniture settings to complement your ageless taste.
  • They say every individual is unique in their own ways, and through this understanding, we believe providing eclectic choices are the answer.
  • These choices work as an extension of your unique preferences and taste.
  • It simply screams “Look at me!” and its bold expression made in a creative manner that reflects your very own uniqueness and distinct personality.
  • There is no limit to the expression of your creativity. Boring homes and interiors can be given a new lease of life with options provided by MIX Floors.



Refer to the labeled advice for each stain kind in below schedule.


أسفلت D Grease C
Malt beverage B Ice cream B
Raspberry B Ink D
Blood A Juice B
Wax E Lip stick D
Soft drinks B Milk B
Gum D Oil C
Chocolate C Rubber (Shoe heels) D
Coffee B Shoe Polish C
Chalk  D Tar D
Cream B Tea B
Pens D Urine B
Fruits B Alcoholic household B
  1. Put a cloth in cold water, rinse it and then wipe the stain
  2. Put a cloth in warm water mixed with detergent, rinse and wipe
  3. Moist the area affected with Methyl alcohol, put a cloth in cold water, rinse and wipe it clean
  4. Use acetone take off the stain, then put a cloth in warm water mixed with detergent and wipe it clean
  5. Cool the affected area using ice bag placed on it or cooler spray, scrape it off gently with non-sharp tool.


The basic essence of the institution’s activities is natural wood flooring and parquet flooring and the necessary accessories, mf licensed deserved to import directly from mother to factories and companies winning global land the best quality certificates.

Mf clients ranging slice of the major companies and even individual customers ,each slide features and options variety of products bouquet prices and pay policies to suit corporate clients and individuals separately.

Managed mf that represents exclusively the biggest Malaysian brand in the manufacture of wood flooring and to keep track of the highest quality standards, where in 2007 he got the best global brand award in the Pacific Ocean laminate flooring ceremony.

It has been evaluated as the best global brand based on four key factors:

  • Brand identity and strength
  • The quality of their products.
  • Large share in the domestic market and the world both the fourth factor was the quality of after-sales services.

Mf also able to represent several local and international companies to provide a variety of options to its customers, was also keen mf MF to offer only products characterized by high quality standards and ensure long from different countries in price ranges.

Technical qualities

Offers diverse flooring business organization only the finest products and best where the raw materials used in each layer of the earth’s layers are the strongest and finest of its kind, which is awarded strength of a fixed and permanent appearance.


Resistant to pressure and heavy duty


Sterile healthy and easy to clean

Resistant to chemicals

Resistant to insects

Resistant paints

Resistant to UV

Resistant to the effects of cigarettes

Resistant to damage and the effects of time

Doesn’t need  for demolition ground precedent for installation

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