8mm WG Laminate Flooring

100% Made in Sarawak, Malaysia

EN13329 Euro Standard – Enhanced DPL Technology, 2018 new Fortune decors

Melamine-Impregnated durable topmost Liquid-Overlay protection

Natural-Colored Decorative Papers, 100% printed and impregnated in Europe

Eco-Balanced High Density Floorboard construction

AQUA Tropical Hardwood High Moisture Resistant central core layer

Melamine-Impregnated water-proofed Stabilizing bottom layer

Advanced 4-edges vacuum organic oil sealed

Nail Free – Glue Free Floating Installation by revolutionary Synchro Lock joint system

Technical Specification Data Sheet

EN 13329 Euro Standard
Classification Requirements
Test Procedures Specification Requirements
Abrasion resistance EN 13329 Annex E AC 4; ≥ 4000 rev
Impact resistance EN 13329 Annex F IC 1
Small ball ≥ 10 N
Large ball ≥ 1000 mm
Resistance to staining EN 438 5 (group 1&2)
4 (group 3)
Resistance to cigarettes burns EN 438 Class 4
Effect of a furniture leg EN 424 Foot type 0
No change or damage
High low between joint EN 13328 ≤ 0.15 mm
Effect of a castor chair EN 425 25000 revs soft wheels No change or damage
Thickness swelling EN 13329 Annex G ≤ 18 %


EN 13329 Euro Standard
General Requirements
Test Procedures Specification Requirements
Dimensional stability EN 13329 Annex C ≤ 0.9 mm
Light fastness EN ISO 105B02 Blue wool scale: ≥ 6
Light fastness EN ISO 20105A02 Grey scale: ≥ 4
Surface soundness EN 13329 Annex D ≥ 1.0 N/mm2

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

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