All-time favorites
These all times favorite decors were carefully selected by our in-house design team to exude timeless aesthetic to any discerning home ideas.
a) Attractive: Available in many authentic, modern color tones from light to dark
and various individual, distinguished planks.

b) Healthy: Produced according to European standards. For a healthy living,
emissions are as low as you would expect from wood in this natural

c) Ecological: E1 laminate flooring. Wood from local sources – produced at the most
modern, environmentally friendly production facility of its kind.

d) Affordable: Unbeatable price/performances ratio compared to traditional
hardwood floors. Easy to install, low maintenance & easy to care

e) Performances: Conformances to EN 13329 standard, Class 32 / AC 4

Direct Manufacturer Warranty

Provides up to 10 years manufacturer warranty for floorboards which are deemed structural unfit by termite attack.  


Provides up to 15 years of manufacturer warranty of floorboard surface is worn off in an area of at least one square centimetre on one panel. 

Provides up to 15 years of manufacturer warranty floorboard which has visible stains on the surface due to the following household substances: acetone, hand-cream, fruit & vegetable drinks, coffee, soft drinks, nail lacquer or similar product.


Provides up to 15 years of manufacturer warranty for décor later which has faded due to household lighting.

The Advantages

Majestic Series

CE 21, Tropical Chengal

Tropical Chengal Laminate. shines classy with brown umber color and the 2 strips exotic wood in moderate wavy shades of earthy medium tone is exceptionally suited into luxurious environment. Create relaxing, soulful and Zen atmosphere.

O 24, Empire Oak

This oak decor is subtly rustic yet lively in effect due to its myriad of side-cut crotch figures and fine knots. The pores vary between distinct and subtle in look.  

O 25, Elegant Oak

Elegance Oak full plank with an elegant medium tone and Grey – White color wood charisma and powerful trend -setting attitude and it’s a perfect partner for sophisticated space concepts. 

O 117, Whitewash Oak

Whitewash Oak full plank design owes its look to the specific wash processing effect. The special light ash brown tone with vintage character, the effective depth of the knots and the fine details of the design are giving a lasting impression. 

W 15, Yukon Walnut

Classic American walnut with a strong character thought for the most elegant and sophisticated ambience.

W 25, Classic Walnut

Classic Walnut 2 planks is in a class all its own, with a rich, smooth grain & red tone auburn hue colorway. It has grain pattern range from straight to irregular and display a natural luster. It will bring charismatic radiance to every design concept.

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

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