The World’s MOST POWERFUL Nano Flooring (12mm)

  • Smallest Nano Particle in the world.
  • Kills germs and pollutants up to 99.9% effectiveness within seconds.
  • Multi-Functioning Effects result: Self-sanitizing, Self deodorizing & UV protection.
  • Non-Toxic material – water based coating in compliance with Green Building Index (GBI)

Ten Years Warranty Termite Resistant

Manufacturer Warranty

Full Assurance of warranties from direct manufacturer

Fade Resistant (Conforming to EN13329)

Stain Resistant (Conforming to EN13329)

Wear Resistant (Conforming to EN13329)

Wood Embossed Surface Finish
Utility Class AC5
1285mm(L) x 188mm(W) x 12mm(T)
6 Panels Per Carton
(1.45sqm/15.6sq Ft)

Superior Water Resistance Quality HDF

100% Edge Protection 

Flat Edge 

Panel Format
1P Single Plank

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

Amazon Oak
TN 316

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